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This is an index of some ongoing 3d experiments I've been doing thanks to Blender and Blend4web:

These pages are a bit chunky, if you can, you might want to download the file (they're self-contained) and view it from your download folder.

Over time these will be updated, find the old ones archived here:
Object archive

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There are more, but that will get you started- explore!

Animated Music

Awkwardly Intimate

(21MB)(Updated Feb 21, 2018) (Click/touch the green box with the pink text to get it rolling) This is an experiment in taking music videos to the next level.


This has just the instrumental track, feel free to make up your own sounds to go along with it. As inspiration, here's a performance of it by WEBmadman- fajuwe November 21 2014
(17MB)(Updated Feb 21, 2018)

Other experiments

3d Sound Exploration Object

(24MB) (Click/touch the hand to start audio, the head to stop)- an experiment with spoken word in a 3 dimensional space. Slowly move around the object, pausing to listen to each part. Be sure to try rotating up and down as well as side to side. (Updated Feb 21, 2018)

Image Gallery in 3d

(28MB) (Try zooming out)- many images to explore!
(Updated Feb 21, 2018)

Screen Shots